What is Dead Sea? What is its significance in Christianity and Islam?

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Dead sea is named so because of its high salt content. Due to this there is no marine life in the sea. According to the Bible many incidents took place near dead sea which is also known as Sea of Arabah. For example David hide fled away King Saul and hid here. It is also the place where Jesus was baptised by John. According to some Biblical prophecies, dead sea will come to life again when a Messiah will come and rule the world justly.

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As per Islam, dead sea is a site where Allah punished the people of Sodom where Prophet Lut used to live. These people were wicked, immoral, and ignorant who never took heed of what Prophet Lut used to tell them. The Holy Quran tells about such places and tells the people about the sign of Allah’s punishment in many of its verses.

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