What do you understand by Wide Area Network?


Computer network is a form of electronic and digital communication that permits nodes to share resources. The network is of a small or a large number of computers which are connected with communication links at different locations. The connections between nodes are established by using cable media or wireless media. Depending upon the operational area of the network, it may be classified as under.

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Network:

It is used to connect a wider geographical area like different cities or even different countries. These communications links are established through telephone lines or microwave links via satellite. The Wide Area Network has made it possible to improve the working of business circles and other organizations. The improvement may be in many ways as in improved procurement of raw materials and quicker distribution of end products etc.

The managers and the executives of business and industrial organizations can manage their resources effectively. They can plan the production schedule, workers training, and marketing strategies by sitting at remote places. The Wide Area Network supports global networking also.

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Wide Area Network has the capability of handling large database but, involves higher costs. It supports different protocols for communication. Most popular protocol is TCP/IP (Transmission Control /Internet Protocol). Earlier such networks were being used only by a limited number of organizations due to high cost of networking. But due to advancement in information and communication technologies, and reduced cost of networking, more and more organizations are opting for it now.

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