What could be the actual reason for a mother to favor one child over the rest?


Mother’s love is unconditional towards her children. The favoritism depends upon the children behaving in the ways that gratifies mother. Generally children are rewarded with the status of becoming favorite if they make mother, or sometimes parents feel good with their behavior attitude, love and fill void in her life.

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Reasons behind Favoritism:

Researchers say that one of the biggest factors of favoritism by mother is her perception of similarities between herself and her favorite offspring. That is the favored child is one with whom mom shared similar beliefs and values. The majority of the mother’s favorite child is always male-child but mom-daughter connection is strongest, closest and most supportive because after marriage girl goes to the in-laws place so the relationship of mother-daughter is very emotional. There may be other reasons also in favoring one child over others.

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If one child is weak in health or wisdom, mother may help the child so that he/she may grow up like other children and the child becomes her favorite. When the children become adult, mother also see which one will support her in her old age and that adult child becomes her favorite.

Consequences of Favoritism:

So far as favoritism is concerned, it is not at all good. It can lead to resentment amongst siblings and end up making life more difficult for favored child. A lot of behavioral problems in children stem in them feeling that their mother is comparing them to their siblings.

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