What are the major reasons behind the failure of Congress in Karnataka Elections 2018?

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  • Low-grade MLAs: On one hand, the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah enjoyed his high ratings, his MLAs failed to reach even the satisfactory mark when they were assessed on various parameters in a survey. Therefore, the voters were not in the mood to elect them back.
  • Negligence of Rural Areas: Despite getting a great lead in the rural areas of Gujrat, Congress failed to cash in on the opportunity in the rural areas of Karnataka and it further played a very crucial role in this election.
  • Backlash by Vokkaligas: The party was looking forward getting a good number of Vokkaliga’s 47 seats; however, JD (S) crept in and clinched 20 seats. In addition, the card of courting Muslims and Dalits also could not work for Congress. Their baggy comments about JD (S) leaders Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy also played a vital role in spoiling their image.

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  • Slipped Out the Old & Strong Territory: Congress could not even hold up the SC/ST seats which were considered its old and strong vote bank. In 2013, they won 26 out of 51 while they ended up getting mere 18 this year. After losing the tribal votes in Gujrat, Congress’s struggle continued here as well.
  • Being Sluggish at the Decisive Moment: Quite reverse to their one week ago aggressive marketing campaign, the let go attitude of Congress fell like a hammer on them as BJP cashed in on this moment and did rigorous marketing in the final week which eventually fetched them the momentum they were looking for.
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