What are the home made remedies of controlling and treating diabetes?

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Diabetes is a common disease now-a-days. It can strike anyone at any stage of life. It does not matter you are under twelve or above fifty. To understand what diabetes is, you have to first understand the role of insulin in your body. Insulin plays a vital role in diabetes. When you eat food, your body turns food into glucose which is essential for the body energy.

At this point, your pancreas release insulin which opens up the cells and allows glucose to enter. But if you are suffering from diabetes, this system does not work. Several things may go wrong. Diabetes means you have too much glucose in your blood which is not good for your health. Too much glucose can lead to serious health problem.

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There are three kinds of diabetes found in human being

Type 1 -  it is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces no insulin.

Type 2 - it is a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar.

Gestational diabetes - it is a kind of diabetes that affects the pregnant lady.


 In order to check your diabetes, you have to test your blood sugar level by doing glucose test before you have eaten anything. If it the level is 126mg/dl or higher, it means you are suffering from diabetes. There are two other tests to diagnose your blood sugar level. The instrument that checks your fasting sugar is called glucometer.


Diabetes is a disease that you can treat on your own. You have to follow the doctor’s instructions. You need to add exercises and medications in your routine. People can cure diabetes at home also. But you have to be determined for this. If diabetes is left untreated, it may cause various health diseases like kidney failure, blindness, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. There are some home remedies that can help to control your diabetes at home.

  • Exercise - It is one of the effective ways of controlling diabetes because exercise is known to increase insulin sensitivity which essentially helps to tackle the root cause of diabetes. Exercise also reduces your cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Thirty minutes a day will always help you to control your blood sugar level.

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  • Cinnamon water:  Cinnamon water also helps to treat diabetes. After you get up, drink lukewarm cinnamon water before you have eaten anything. It maintains your blood sugar level and increases metabolism.

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  • Eat raw foods: Raw foods have their own enzymes that do not dilute with chemicals. Raw foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts are rich in fibers’ and helps body to absorb sugar slowly, which in turn keeps your blood sugar level balanced and maintained.

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  • Meditation: Meditation helps to balance the glucose and insulin in the body and lowers the insulin resistance. Meditation also reduces the stress and helps to maintain the blood sugar level.

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