What are the factors which affect health?


Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely freedom from disease. Good health is a necessary condition for our purposeful existence in this world. A person is said to be healthy or having good health if

  • He has no sickness or disease.
  • He is not physically handicapped.
  • He has no mental problems.
  • He has no social or psychological tensions.
  • He has no anxiety.

The factors which affect health can be described as below

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The health of a person is affected by the environment in which the person lives. The most dangerous factors are pollution like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, foul smelling, and over flowing sewage drains may affect health of a person. Safe water and clean air, healthy work places, safe houses contribute to be good health.

Social Education:

Greater support from families, friends, and communities contribute to good health.


Due to poverty, people are not able to buy sufficient food, this leads to deficiency diseases which ruins health.

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Hereditary Factors:

Malfunctioning of various body parts such as heart, kidney etc. occur due to hereditary factors.

Bad Habits:

Smoking, uncontrolled eating, taking drugs, and alcohol and other social bad habits affect the health.

There are several other factors which affect health such as genetic disorders, hormonal imbalance, and malfunctioning of immune system of body.

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