What are the differences between an Interpreter and a Compiler?

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Two types software’s available System software and Application software. System software is for the computer to run. Applications software are those which run on operating system, they are Ms-office, Notepad, MS-paint etc.

If we wish to develop a new and customized application on our own, then we need to use any of the available programming languages. The programming languages which are available and mostly used are  C, C++, Java, etc.

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So, code written in a programming language should be free warnings or errors. Warnings are those which occur because of grammatical mistakes and errors are those which occur because of bugs of errors.

This error checking can be done by compilers and interpreters. The Integrated development environment(IDE) or tool to run the code, they contain compilers and interpreters.

Interpreter takes one statement at a time and checks for grammatical mistakes or errors, if nothing is found in the line then it moves to next line. It uses top-down approach. A warning would not stop this process were as an error would stop this process immediately as and when it is encountered.

Compiler takes all lines of program at a time to check for grammatical mistakes and errors. It displays warnings or errors that encountered after executing the code. 

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