What are the DO's and DONT's of CV writing?

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A curriculum vitae (CV) must be such that the employer is impressed. It is a self marketing tool describing the skills and experience of a candidate.

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There are some points of essential information of the candidates in C.V which are given here.

  • The educational qualifications and the experience of the work of the candidates should be at the top of C.V. keeping in view the post for which the C.V. is being sent. 
  • The achievements in the career life during schooling and college times and also in company should be highlighted which impresses the interviewer and HR of the company.
  • The C.V. should be modified for the job being applied for. Focus must be on the parts that are important for the job.
  • The technical courses should also be at the bottom of the C.V.
  • The phone number, e-mail address and address of the candidate also should be at the top so the company can contact the candidate.
  • Positive language should be used.
  • The C.V. must be typed neat and clean so that it is readable and no false statements should be used.
  • The C.V. should be updated from time to time.
  • The personal information should be given at the last.
  • Explain all the significant breaks in the career of the academics such as the percentage of high school and intermediate.
  • The number of Aadhar card or other identification cards should be used for identification of the candidate.
  • Any personal website, blog or LinkedIn URL must be given in the C.V.
  • The passport details should be given the C.V. so that the company offers for jobs in foreign.


These are the points which must be taken care of while making a CV.

  • The C.V. must not be a very long.
  • No false or irrelevant information may be given.
  • The expectation of the salary should not be given high.
  • Negative information must not be given such as reasons for leaving old jobs and weakness of the candidates.
  • Multicolored test italics, shading and underlining headings should be avoided.
  • Vague statements should not be given in the C.V.
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