What are some of the most realistic movies you have seen?

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The movie lovers always want to watch different kinds of movies with intriguing subjects and some very good content. A lot of people prefer movies which are based on real events as it sounds interesting to watch something in a movie which is not wholly fictional and is a part of a reality. Here is a list of some of the most realistic movies:-

The Imitation Game:

Released in 2014 the imitation game is a compelling moving starring by Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie focuses on the life of a mathematician named Alan Turing who wants to crack enigma code which Nazis used for securely sending their radio messages at the time of World War 2. 

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Turing is a genius with a lot of behavior issues as he considered himself more superior than his colleagues. In order to succeed Tuning has to overcome his mathematical as wells as social difficulties. The movie was well received by the audiences as well as critics. 

Apocalypse Now:

The movie is based on a famous book ‘Heart of the Darkness’ by writer Joseph Conrad which itself based on the real events of author’s life.  The story revolves around Captain Willard who at the time of Vietnam War, sent on a mission to Cambodia in order to kill a renegade colonel who is considered god by a local tribe as is totally insane. The movie received lots of appreciation for its interesting content. 

Schindler’s List:

The movie revolves around Oskar Schindler played by Liam Neeson who was a corrupt Nazi businessman. Schindler undergoes some change of consciousness which leads him to regain humanity that eventually saves lives of 1000 Jews from Holocaust. 

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The movie is directed by the famous Jurrasic World director Steven Spielberg. The movie was highly appreciated and received the best director and the best film awards in the Academy of that year.

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