What are razor burns and how to avoid them?

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"Razor burns, also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, are an uncomfortable and unattractive skin condition that can happen after you shave your face, legs, or other body parts to in order to remove undesirable hair. Razor burn happens when skin is dislodged and the hair follicle is pulled by the scratching action of the razor blade.

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Side effects of razor burn may include:

  • Bumps on skin
  • Stinging of skin
  • Redness on skin

How to prevent razor burn?

The most ideal approach to manage razor burn is to avoid it in any case. A few basic techniques may prevent or reduce chance of razor burn. Always firstly, clean the skin before shaving preferably by using an exfoliate or scrub.

  • Replace razor blades frequently.
  • Do apply a skin lotion after shaving
  • Gently let the skin dry once you shave.
  • Always wet the hair and skin before shaving.
  • Remember to shave in the direction of hair growth
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