Is the Coca Cola Formulae kept as a secret between two people only?

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Want to see the formula of Coca-Cola? Well you can!! You can look at the vault that holds the formula for Coca-Cola behind its closed doors. Recently Coca-Cola has decided to exhibit his formula in Atlanta for the world to see. Since 1925, the SunTrust Bank in Atlanta is guarding the secret recipe of the 125 years old Coca-Cola inside its vault. +The display of the recipe at the world of Coca-Cola is the best way to capstone the 125th anniversary of this amazing product.

The Legend of Coca-Cola:

According to the legend of Coca-Cola, the recipe of the drink is only known to two executives of Coca-Cola, and each of the executives knows each half of it. While some belief on the legend while other think it as a mere theme from an old advertising campaign. According to yahoo news, the recipe was penned by Dr John S.Pemberton at the year 1886, and it was closely protected from everyone.

Answer ImageThe source also added that the recipe was only known to a handful of people but was never written down physically. Since 1923 to 1954, Robert Winship woodruff was taking care of Coca-Cola as its to get access to a secure bank loan for the development of the company, he once agreed to disclose the written formula of Coca-Cola as collateral. So the information was then placed inside a vault in New York until 1925 when the loan was fully paid off.

Exit from India in 1977:

To sell its products in India, Coca Cola was legally asked to reveal some of its ingredients as a legal procedure if they like to continue to sell in India. So instead of revealing its recipe, the officials of Coca-cola rather choose exit from India.

Answer ImageA book by this name written by Mark Prendergast in 1993 draw some attention towards himself when people started to get suspicious if the author somehow managed to retrieve a copy of the recipe or what? Soon the officials of Coca-Cola refuted the rumour and state that this book is just another unsuccessful attempt to reveal the mystery of 107 years.

The subject of a Divorce Statement:

According to a report of Wall street journal, Frank Robinson, the grandson of the co-founder of Coca-Cola was in an intention to sell the Coca-Cola Formula that was also written by his Grandfather on October 4, 1996. During that time, Mr Robinson was going through a divorce at that time, and it was his wife that claimed the recipe belongs to her and it was given to her as a pre-marriage gift. The legitimacy of the recipe was denied by the company in that case.


The writer mark Pendergast mentioned some ingredients of Coca Cola in his book such as Caffeine, Coca Leaves, citric acid, alcohol along with orange oil, coriander etc. No matter what people claim but it is to be sure that the recipe of Coca-Cola will always be a mystery for us and we have to accept it for the rest of our lives.

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