Is religion uniting people or dividing them?

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If you ask the meaning of religion from anyone around you, you will realize that how humans have segregated their beliefs. Today being religious means being a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian. One don't realize that the goal is same for all of the humans and that is seeking peace and enlightenment. The true idea of religion is simple, i.e., a belief in something. That can be on God or on your parents or on even yourself. But don't believe in anything that takes you away from being a human.Answer Image

Idea of Religion:

God would have never wanted his children to fight over the color of their flags. He would have never wanted us to kill each other, just to prove his existence. We search for him in temples and mosques but he actually resides in our hearts. He doesn't want to see you taking his name a thousand times. But a single gesture to other humans can take you a step closer to Him.


Riots in the name of God and religion, have become so common that now they are not even a shock anymore. Not only humans, we have even given colors to every religion. You wear Saffron and you are a Hindu. You wear Green and you are a Muslim. If by mistake, you wear black on an auspicious occasion, you turn out to be a lot for the ceremony. We associate terrorism with religion. But the fact is that it's the evil minds who germinate crimes.

Finding Flaws:

Religions were made so that every section of the society found a God it believed in. But instead of continuing with our research, we have started finding flaws in others. We are hypocrites, because we judge each other on the basis of everything. For us, the gods we follow and the holy books we read are superior. We criticize other religions without knowing that every form of God, every book, and every word teaches us the same thing. The only thing we don’t consider is to help each other in times of need and keep humanity alive.

The roads may be different but the destination is always the same. This belief of separate gods and separate religion has created barriers. People hesitate in being close to people belonging to a different background. Even the education fails to change the double standards of the society.Answer Image

If a person is Brahmin, he has a number of friends. But his best friend is a Muslim. Now, does that make people hate him? Does this simple fact make him a hater of his religion? No! Because he is a human before anything else. Everybody bleed the same and after death, all will unite in the same ground. Let not your hearts see things that even God didn’t create. Let there be only one religion on this planet, the religion of humanity.

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