Is astrology a science or myth?

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Many times when we hear of the term astrology we think of zodiac signs, stars, planets moon and the various predictions and beliefs which come with their movement.They have found their way in our daily lives and can be found anywhere from smartphones, television, newspapers, magazines etc. Answer Image

Astrology mainly focuses on the movement and positions of various planets, constellations, sun, moon, and earth in the space and the effects of these movements on our lives, personalities, and relationships.

Though it should not be confused with Astronomy, which is a branch of science dealing with the study of these celestial bodies themselves and their properties, placement etc. But is Astrology a Science as well. Well, the majority believe it to be true, because of the formulas, patterns, and instruments astrologers use in their findings. 

But in view of modern studies and scientists, Astrology is not a science because of various reasons. Today in this article we will gonna discuss some of the reasons behind this claim 

  • They Are Vague

Science is based on concrete solutions and calculations whereas astrologers predict on the basis of planetary movements. They record it and come up with statements that hold best to the location of the star. But in reality, they don't tell what is going to happen but what to do and are consciously formulated so that they fit anybody of any zodiac sign. In fact, they are so general that they cannot be proven wrong as assertions made by them are so open to interpretation.

  • They Differ from Person to Person

Astrologer predicts persons having same zodiac signs or born under same conditions to share same future and personality traits which is not feasible as twins are a perfect exception to this claim.

 Two twins who are born at the same place, time with just difference of mere minutes will share the same zodiac and horoscope. But what if one dies at birth and other grow up to live a healthy life and die of old age. It's these situations when statements of astrologers are prone to loopholes but it's because of our belief and superstition that we ignore such scenarios.

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  • Studies and Research

Various studies held from time to time have proven that the predictions made by astrologers don’t always hold good and in some cases are even not much better than random chance. A psychologist, Michel Gauquelin performed a study on more than 25000 Frenchmen to study the correlation between their actual careers and compatible careers predicted as such by their horoscope.There was no correlation found as some people who were born under Mars, were thriving as an artist, a profession proposed to Venus born people.

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