Is Reincarnation Real? Is there any case in the world which has proof?

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Yes, it is real and has been scientifically proved. Reincarnation is a simple concept of "you live, you die and repeat". It is a wonderful process of traveling of a soul from a holding place/body and to enter a new human body/place.

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There are multiple examples and proofs of reincarnation, which sounds unrealistic but are very true. Some of the examples are:

  • The story of Shanti Devi of Mathura
  • The Case of Purnima Ekanayake
  • Cameron Macaulay, The Scottish Boy
  • Munna, the reincarnated child
  • Dr. Jim B. Tucker, reincarnation as his own grandfather
  • The Twin Sisters, Jennifer, and Gillian
  • Ismail Altinklish, Homecoming

Let's go through the story of Manisha or Suman, which also proves the term reincarnation.

What else could be the more delighted moment when a dad hugged his daughter again after four years of her death?? Yes, it was true, when a miracle happened for a Gujjar family in Delhi when a four-year-old angel called Manisha walked into their arms on the same day of the shraddh of their daughter who died about five years ago.

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Manisha, who claimed to be the deceased daughter Suman, who had died because of typhoid at the age of 15. She was later born as a daughter of Rampal and Khilli Devi in a village of Rajasthan. At the age of two when she learned how to speak, she apparently told her parents that she is Suman and not Manisha.

Slowly, she started recollecting her memories of her last birth and told her new parents to take her to Delhi where her old family stays. Later the news spread in the neighbouring villages and finally, she got to her "old" parents through some relatives who also live in Rajasthan. Now, she is staying with her old family and enjoying the life as Suman.

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