How will you determine the real personality of a person?


Personality simplifies the role which the person displays to the public. The personality of an individual is unique personal and a major determinant of his behavior. In other words personality means how a person affects others and how he understands and views himself. Personality represents the whole person concept. The real personality of a person is determined as per following factors:Answer Image

  • Biological factors – It is the main factor of an individual and is assessed as following:
    • Heredity– It means the transmission of the qualities from ancestors. Physical stature, facial attractiveness, sex, temperament, muscle composition, reflexes are inherited from one’s parents. So it is generally more important a person’s temperament than his values and ideas.
    • Physical features– An individual’s external appearance may have a tremendous effect on his personality. Good physical appearance is an asset for the job of salesperson or public relations.
  • Family and social factors – The development of individual’s personality is also influenced by his family and other social groups. The status of the family in the society influences individual’s perception about self others, work, money etc.
  • Situational factors – The personality of an individual may change in different situations. The demand of different situations may call for different aspects of one’s personality. Family and the social setting during early stages of education are the important factors which influence the initial formation of personality.
  • Other factors– There are other factors which are important for the personality of an individual are temperament, interest, character, schema, and motives. In future, it is the examiner groups of primary affiliations at office, social activities and many more which shape the personality of an individual.
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