How to publish a website on World Wide Web (www)?


Website is a group of web pages such as multimedia content, normally identified with a common domain name and at least one web server published. It is available through Public Internet Protocol (IP) network like internet or a private local area network (LAN) that identifies the site by referencing a uniform resource locator (URL).

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Usage of Websites:

Websites can be used in several ways such as personal website, commercial website for a company, a government website or a non-profit organization website. These websites are devoted for a specific topic such as entertainment and social networking for providing news and education. The entire public websites together create World Wide Web. Private Websites in companies for its staff members constitute an intranet.

World Wide Web (WWW):

It is an information space in which documents and other web pages are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) which are interlinked by hypertext links, and can be accessed through the Internet. It is much complex client/server system in which web client communicates with the web server.

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The documents may be in the form of hypertext, menus, databases etc. Some documents are stored on web servers and the others are available through Uniform Resource Locator (URLs). The web documents are marked by Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). To deliver web pages, the web servers use Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP).

Publish Website on World Wide Web (WWW):

At present, you can watch several websites on World Wide Web then question arises that how website is published on World Wide Web. First of all purchase a domain for website. Then set up the website hosting and name servers (DNS).  Website hosting is the server on the internet that stores HTML, CSS and other files. When you create a website, it is essential to publish it to a web hosting service. The name servers connect your domain to your hosting and create domain name, IP address, and name of the server. Then it connects the domain name to hosting. 

After this, sign into the account where you purchased your domain and set the name servers. Before publishing, first of all upload and put the website then update and finally published the website on the FTP.  FTP is used to transfer the files from our own computer to the remote server at the hosting provider. There are some points to publish the website on the World Wide Web

  • Create a local folder for your website.
  • Open Filezilla.
  • Enter the IP address into Host such as (, and the username and password.
  • Find your local folder (left side).
  • Find the public folder (right side).
  • Upload your index.html file.
  •  Finally the website is published on World Wide Web
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