How to keep clients satisfied with our services in a business?

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The business world is divided into two halves – vendor and client. When a person looks from the vendor point of view, it is sometimes really difficult to keep the client satisfied as they always have expectations which are not fulfilled.

Setting client expectations is the key to client satisfaction. An analysis says that maximum termination of contracts take place due to client expectations remaining unfulfilled. The question here is that “Why is client building up these false expectations?”.

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The answer to the same in many cases is a false sale. When a salesperson visits a client, client shares his requirement and a product in accordance is sold to him. Here the client has got a feeling that all his requirements have been noted, however, in some cases, the facts are not communicated or actually missed by the client himself.

As a sales representative, one should understand the client requirement and while sharing the product should tell them about the things which would not be covered. A sales representative can suggest other options or workaround which would gain client’s trust in the company.

As a relationship manager, one should always send the signed contract to the client with a welcome email. This would help the client to read and go through all the clauses which have been put in the agreement. Any disputes should be resolved at the start itself and all queries must be answered by the relationship manager. 

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This would help in building up correct client expectation. In future during the relationship, if client demands for something against the contract; you would be in a position to negate that as that was never a part of the service. The client would also not feel bad about the same as nothing was kept hidden from him from onboarding itself.

Thus, till client expectations are set up correctly; one would always have happy and renewing clients which are utmostly satisfied with the vendor.

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