How to come out from Lizard-phobia?

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 It is clear the small reptile is weak and harmless. It can do nothing to human beings unless they come across their way. It is only the phobia of reptiles.

Phobia of lizards is very common, especially among kids. The phobia subsides with growing age but there are many adults who are scared of lizards. The phobia of lizards is known as Herpetophobia. It is the fear of reptiles. 

Here are few ways to overcome Lizard-phobia-

  • Visit a psychologist if phobia is gulping you up
  • Get lizard control treatment services to get rid of those creepy reptiles
  • Try to distract your mind away from the lizard
  • try not to scream, when you see the lizard 

Every human being has a phobia of at least one thing. It could be either an animal, heights, water, fire, worms, any colours, or anything else. But phobia of lizards and cockroaches are quite common among people.

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Well, we really need to come out of the phobia whatever we have. Like, I have water-phobia and I’m planning to learn swimming for the same. And, I am sure, this would really help me out.

Though I don’t have a phobia of lizard, my sister has. Many times I used to scare her by just saying “lizard” in front of her. She never tried to confront it. Let’s see some tips for the most common phobia, the Lizard-phobia or Herpetophobia, which might help her as well.

  • The best way to come out of phobia is confronting to the lizards. You can practice this on a daily basis to get used to it.
  • Know all the salient features of Lizard and understand it is not that scary as you thought so.

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  • Know whether it can be dangerous, or if anything serious.
  • Next time, when you see it, just keep calm and realize how big you are in front of them, and do you really need to get scared now?? Ask yourself!
  • Promise to yourself, you will not scream, when you see it next time.
  • Try to catch it, if possible and throw away, but do not kill.
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