How many oyster varieties are there in the world?

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There are 5 kinds of oysters in the world-

  • Crassostrea Gigas—Pacific or Japanese oysters found on the West Coast.
  • Crassostrea Sikamea—Kumamoto oysters found on the West Coast.
  • Crassostrea Virginicas—Atlantic oysters found on the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Ostrea Edulis—European flats found on the East and West coasts.
  • Ostrea Lurida—Olympia oysters found on the West Coast.

Oysters are large shellfish which are considered as delicacies all around the world. They are also popularly known to be pearl producers. Although there are many oyster varieties in the world, not all of them are known to man. There are mainly ten genera of oysters familiar to the man that is as follows:

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  • Crassostreavirginica: It is known as the Eastern Oyster and is cultivated in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast of North America. These oysters are covered with strong shells of gray-brownish color and a hint of briny flavor.

  •  Crassostrea Gigas: It is known as the Pacific Oyster is mainly found on Japan’s Pacific coast.  These are covered with attractive and beautiful pearlescent strong shells. Their flavor mostly contains a strong essence of celery salt and the mushrooms. 

  • Crassostreasikamea: Its another name is Kumamoto Oyster. It is very similar to the Pacific oyster and is found in the southwestern tip of Japan. It is small and deep-cupped and tends to be very sweet. It is a personal favorite of a lot of people.

  • Ostreaedulis: It is known as the Belon Oyster or European flat oyster and is native to Europe. These are large in size and also consist of a different flavor of metal and smoke. It is difficult to cultivate and thus is harvested in the wild.

  • Ostrealurida/ Conchapila: It is known as the Olympia Oyster and is mainly found in, as the name suggests, the Olympia area. It is very small and delicate and has a sweet and coppery flavor.

  • Saccostreaglomerata: It is known as the Sydney Rock Oyster and is found in Australia. It is deep-cupped and sweet and resembles the Pacific oyster.

There is an infinite variety of oyster in the world as there are so many locations and weather conditions to grow them. There will always be new varieties coming up as long as people will be cultivating it in different ways and locations.

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