How is the export development and promotion of Indian spice done?

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The programmes that are present under the scheme ‘Export Development and Promotion’ looks forward to support the exporters in order to adopt the high processing technologies and also to upgrade and update the existing level of technologies for a more high-end value in order to develop the capabilities for meeting the changing standards for food safety in the other countries. The Board focuses on the quality and safety in the whole supply chain of trade.

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For assisting the exporters to penetrate the developed markets by launching and promoting their own brands or maybe buying other existing brands. These schemes tend to promote the Indian Spice Brands in sophisticated and affluent segments in the foreign markets and are targeted beyond the Indian population.

The activities assisted under this scheme are as follows-

Product and Packaging Development and Bar Coding:

An effective brand promotion programmes for the identified products and their packing. This also involves high-cost development. Under this, the appropriate assistance is provided for the developing product, their packaging, and compliance along with the other statutory requirements that are in force in the target market which also includes the traceability details as well as the Bar Code. The Board also provides assistance to the exporters for developing the products to promote different values and applications of spices. The Board provides assistance to the exporters for purchasing the existing foreign brand which captures that market and also expands the Indian products in a wide range through the brand. 

The Promotion Of Brand: 

Under this, the positioning of some of the specific brands present in the much-identified outlets in the selected cities as well as those that are necessary for promotional measures for the brand building like the Media promotion and Promotional trips to abroad which helps to participate in the international fests etc. All these are also considered for the financial assistance and support. The Board undertakes the studies required for the market and some of the marketing strategy development in order to promote the branded products which will be disseminated to the exporters and also for the purpose of market penetration.

Mode of Operation: 

Base on the market study, a marketing strategy can be evolved and implemented by the exporter after consulting with the Board.Exporters who are willing to take part in the scheme will be identified by the market study conducted and which indicates them as the most potential and prospective exporter. When the loan is approved the Board provides the funds to the exporters in order to meet their estimated annual expenditure for the promotion of brand according to the programmes that are approved by the Board in a stipulated manner. 

The exporter after availing the loan has to submit the half-yearly progress report, which would be reviewed by a committee and the Board to serve the purpose. The Spices Board periodically reviews the implementation of the scheme; expenditure, export growth and their progress with the continuation of the assistance which depends on i) The qualitative analysis of the brand and its acceptance in the market ii) Stability and reach of the brand iii) Growth and competence iv) Export growth in real terms. 

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