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How is milk converted into curd?

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Milk is the only natural food that contains almost all the essential constituents needed for our body. It is a mixture of water, fat, protein, inorganic salts and sugar. The cow is the main source of milk in the world but in many countries apart from cows, milk is also obtained from buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, and reindeer. 

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When a  very little amount of curd get added to the milk, the whole of the mixture gets converted to curd within four to five hours in summer and within eleven to twelve hours in winter.  Let’s learn how the process of converting milk into curd is possible:-

Milk contains a protein called casein. This protein gives milk its characteristic white color. It has a very high nutritional value because it contains all the essential amino acids required by a human body. The curd from this procedure forms as result of a chemical reaction between lactic acid bacteria and casein and hence gets converted into curd.

The man has been using curd since ancient ages. It is very useful for stomach ailments. It keeps the digestive system in good order. In the ancient times, the curd was sold as a medicine. Curd bacteria clean up the intestinal system. According to some experts, the regular consumption curd keeps the stomach free from ailments. 

The curd is consumed by different people in different ways. Raw curd, or mixed with a little salt is a very good diet for diabetic patients. Some take it with a pinch of salt, while others use it with sugar. In Bengal, sugar is added to milk before converting it into curd. This is sold as sweet curd.

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