How is Dal Makhni made so rich and thick at restaurants?

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There is no doubt that we all drool over Dal Makhni. The primary ingredients of this dal are whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter, and cream. Probably this is the only Dal which is so creamy and delicious in the restaurants, that most of us come back and try to make it of the same texture. But we fail to get that same savory thick texture of the Dal.

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What makes restaurant's Dal Makhni so thick and heavy?

  • Coriander powder: Dry coriander powder is a natural thickening agent. It is added to the gravies of curries to make them thick and heavy.
  • Tomato onion paste: Tomatoes and Onions are not chopped and used for this recipe. They are in fact cut into big pieces and then ground in a mixer grinder. This adds to the overall thickness of the gravy.
  • Cream: Dal Makhni is not only topped with cream, but cream is also used while cooking Dal. Therefore, dal makhni becomes so tasty and although a black colored Dal is used in making it, it does not look black, because the addition of cream gives it a lighter shade.
  • Makhan: The name itself portrays the use of butter to the Dal, which makes it thick in texture and even more mouthwatering in taste.
  • Boiling at high temperatures: Dal Makhni is cooked extensively on high flame. Continuous boiling makes it thick, as water evaporates from the Dal. After the liquid is evaporated, all that is left is thick Dal.
  • Prolonged duration of cooking: Dal Makhani Recipe in dhaba style is still cooked on low flame for 8-10 hours to give it a nice creamy texture.

These tricks and ingredients make Daal Makhni very thick and creamy. One can try some of these explicitly or in combination, to get desired results.

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