How is ASEAN contributing towards regional security?

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Association of South East Asian Nations or ASEAN is a 10 member country which has emerged as one of the powerful Asian nation collaboration. The association is a group of powerful Asian nations that is thriving towards a successful economic and cultural formation. 

It also has 6 associate members including countries like India and China, making the group one of the essential group for the development and cooperation of the Asian nations.

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The member nations have created an economically sound atmosphere among the member countries and also among other Asian nations. The vibrant example of several trade benefits is Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, which are known to the world for their trade.

The group presented a platform of free trade and tariff facilities, removed trade barriers, and are moving towards economic growth in the last decade. The association has resolved several economic disputes among the Asian countries. 

It is a platform for maintaining cooperation and unity among the East Asian nations. It has also time and again maintained a balance between world powers and the Asian powers.

But unfortunately, this group of 10 members has failed to maintain peace and security in East Asia. the rise of the ISIS in Philipines and Indonesia has proved that ASEAN failed towards contributing to regional security.

The south-china dispute is an old issue which has not been solved yet. Many of the countries close to south china sea have come under the dispute and there is a continuous tiff between China and nations like Philipines, Indonesia etc. though China is an associate member of ASEAN still the dispute is on.

The Rohingya Muslim concern is a big trouble for security in East Asia. The population which is ignored or rejected often becomes violent after a certain time. The association has to solve the issue before it takes the shape like Naxalism or ISIS.

The East Asian countries are located in cyclone prone areas. Every year this region experience huge loss due to disastrous cyclone but no research has been done to control the effects of the cyclone. The Indian Ocean countries have not yet supported any geographical advancement in this field.

The association has achieved many milestones but there are lots of work to be done to strengthen both the group and the region.

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