How does the health of a person depend on environment?


The health of a person is definitely affected by the environment. The most dangerous factors of an environment affecting health of a person are:

Polluted Water:

Polluted water is the mother of all diseases. Mixing of sewage water with drinking water is found occasionally in densely populated areas which affects person’s health.

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Sewage Water:

Foul smelling and overflowing sewage drains are breeding grounds for diseases causing germs which damage the health of a person.

Noise Pollution:

During festivals, marriage parties, loud speakers are played with high tunes and at full volume. This causes noise pollution which affects health.

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Garbage Problem:

Several people throw garbage on the streets. This emits foul smell and spread many diseases among children. The unclean surroundings, polluted air and water, noise and sickness and misery of the people around us are several factors in our environment which affect the health of a person. As per discussion we conclude that staying healthy depend on the person and environment.

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However, our fast growing population, crowded living conditions, and increasing domestic waste materials make it increasingly difficult to maintain a clean environment which is so much necessary for the healthy life of people

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