How do you stand up for someone who is being bullied?

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Bullying at any stage of life is a monstrosity, it mentally damages the person to such an extent that he/she may become a prey in the hands of disturbing psychological disorders.

Now, standing for someone who is being bullied takes a lot of courage. Some people witness the act of bullying and despite feeling saddened by the scene do not come forward to help it.

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Why does this happen? I’ll tell you why. There are a few reasons why this happens, one of them is the fact that some people try to please everyone around them and do not want to create a wedge with the person bullying others.  Another reason is that the person is afraid to get bullied or beaten up by the bully.

At this point, the ones who are people pleaser and do not want to help others at the cost of their relationship with the bully should realize that they could be the next victim of the bully and at that time they will be all alone and no one would come forward to their aid.

The ones who are scared to get beaten up by the bully should understand that if the people who are all against the act of bullying unite, they can defeat the bully once and for all.

I personally believe that you should stand for what is right no matter what, but you should be smart about it. For instance, at your school level, create a secret group and plan to stand up to the bully together or if someone is experiencing bullying at your office then you should secretly record the act and then scare the bully by threatening to send the recording to their boss.

These little acts of courage and kindness will slowly motivate others to stand up for what is right.

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