How do I get rid of a bad habit?

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Having a bad habit is something that is common to us all. But what really qualifies as a BAD habit? In my opinion, any habit is a bad habit. Let me tell you why. The nature of a habit is that it has the power to control you. 

As human beings, we are the most dominant creatures on the planet. If we fall prey to our own thoughts and feelings, we are missing out on the beauty of life.

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So how does one get rid of his or her habits? The first and most important step is to take the reigns of your mind in your hands. This essentially means that you should realize that you and you alone are in charge of your habits and that your habits are at your mercy. 

This ensures that the power that the habit has on you no longer exists and you are the masters of your actions.

Another method you can use to get rid of any habit is to weigh the pros and cons, i.e., the positives and negatives of the habit that you engage in. Take a piece of paper and make two sections- pros and cons. Under pros, write down the benefits that the habit gives you. And under cons, write down the negative effects of the habit. 

Be as honest with yourself as possible. By doing so, you realize the impact that the habit has on you and you start seeing whether the habit is actually doing you any good or not. Then, you have a choice of continuing it or not, depending upon whether you give significance to the pros or to the cons.

Ultimately, creating or destroying a habit is entirely a function of your decision. A habit has power only because we give it power.

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