How can you tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese?

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Japanese and Chinese are likely similar in terms of physical appearance. We can’t easily distinguish whether she is Japanese or a Chinese when it comes to physical appearance, but do they also similar in cultures and behaviors? Here are some differences of Chinese and Japanese. 

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Japanese design around palace while Chinese design is in walled cities. They are both the same when in terms of architecture, the structure and design of it are likely similar. We can’t easily identify where is the structure made by Chinese and Japanese because of its similarity. 


Japanese and Chinese cuisines are quite similar but differ only the entrée. As you can see Japanese usually served seafood and noodles, like sushi while Chinese also served meaty foods. Chinese also preparing food through stir-fry grill or grilled. Chinese also like to eat vegetables and we can rarely see those eating noodles. There’s a big difference on how they cook their food but they are similar the way they eat their food. 


It has a big difference in terms of music. Chinese usually used flute and other aerial instruments to create music. They're musical usually makes other people meditate because of its soft rhythm. While Chinese are using the aerial instrument, Japanese also are using their vocals to make music. Their music is usually created through their vocals and it originates from Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku. Chinese music is more solemn than the Japanese music because of the harmony. 

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In terms of Sakura’s definition:

Japanese defines Sakura as a symbol of beauty and progress and transition. When they can see Sakura or mainly called as The Cherry Blossom, it signifies their country’s progress and being beautiful inside and out. They also said that Sakura is a signal for their life’s transition, in which after all of the problem there’s still hope lies within.  Chinese defines Sakura as the wild part of human nature and symbolizes by lion and cat. Chinese defines this as a symbol of power. 


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The face of Japenese is generally longer while Chinese are said to have round faces. the eyes of Japanese are bigger and angled downwards while Chinese have small eyes angled upwards

Writing and Language:

Chinese and Japanese have a similar way of writing but they only differ in their language. Chinese are using Sino Tibetan language while Japanese are also using Altaic language. Even though they have different language but still they can understand each other with the use of writing. 


Chinese and Japanese are likely the same. They both practiced the same culture such as family, tradition, honor as well as beauty. 

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Sport and Recreation: 

Japanese and Chinese have a different way on how to play sports and recreational activities. Chinese usually encourage the martial arts and dragon boat while Japanese are sumo wrestling and dragon boat. 


You can immediately distinguish their difference in terms of government. Chinese Government is mainly communist. It is an economic-based system in which the production is being controlled and someone cannot benefit someone’s profit. Japan is a constitutional monarchy. They are being governed by their King and Queen but the laws are still made and put by the legislative. 

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