How can we increase the effectiveness of our communication?

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Effective communication is the need of the day. In today's competitive world communication is the fundamental skill to succeed in many aspects of life. Not only for jobs and career, even in personal life also people with good communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with their friends and family.

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Here are a few tips to improve your communication skills:

  • Learn to Listen: Listening is the first step towards developing effective communication. The common mistake people do is, they will be thinking what to say next while listening to other people speak. That is not correct. Give your 100% attention while the other person is talking. Effective communication involves good talking skills and at the same time good listening skills also because communication is a two-way process.  
  • Empathise and Encourage: It is very important to maintain good interpersonal skills to bring effectiveness in our communication. People who are sympathetic to other people's misfortunes and who encourage and congratulate their positive landmarks will definitely get a good audience.  
  • Check your Body Language: Communication is not always verbal. It can also communicate effectively through your body language also. Leaning forward in the chair, making an eye contact and nodding your head will encourage the speaker and makes him feel that you are paying attention. 
  • Be Brief: Short and sweet is the best mantra for communication. Keep your talk brief and yet specific. This works for written communications like emails also. Always practice how to keep your talk brief and crisp and up to the point. Do not beat around the bush.

Firstly you need to focus on barriers to your effective communication. Follow these:

  • Be confident.
  • Be a good listener
  • Express yourself in a respectable way
  • Concentrate on your body language, maintain eye contact
  • Be spontaneous and have some good sense of humor. 


I think hesitation is one barrier, which strangles many of us to not only acquire the effectiveness of communication but also excel in many walks of life. I know many friends who do feel like they have swallowed their tongue if asked to share their ideas in a group or in front of a little larger audience. This is how you can get your swallowed tongue back:

  • Talk to people as much as you can, but it doesn't mean you leave everything and only talk. Have a sensible approach. 
  • Initiate a conversation.
  • Find strangers for the dialogue. 
  • Talk more but talk sense.
  • Enlarge your friend circle.
  • Try to have more hobbies so that you come in contact with people with different tastes which will help you have knowledge of different streams and eventually you will gain effectiveness in your dialogues. 
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