How can bookstores make a profit in today’s world of eBooks?

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Bishnu Mohan

After the advent of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart etc, the profit made by the local bookstores has decreased a lot. The user-friendly interfaces of these online shopping sites are pulling in a lot of customers. But bookstores need to play to their strengths to survive in this very competitive environment. Some of them are:

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Book-stores’ Strengths:

Amazon and other sites are popular for their aggressive pricing and you can buy books at cheap rates. But in a bookstore, you can get any book you choose right away rather than waiting for a few days. In e-commerce sites, you don’t have experts to assist you while you shop but in a physical bookstore, you enjoy the services of friendly staffs who can help you recommend some good books to buy.

Connect With the People: 

The bookstore owners should try to get connected with the people or customers of their city or community. They should bring their business to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and become a popular presence there. They should also use these sites to regularly post updates about discounts and offers.

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Offer More: 

 In order to compete with others, they have to diversify a little. Along with books, try to offer people space where they can meet, hang out with their friends. There should be free Wifi and cheap snacks as well. They should try everything that will attract people to come and browse the books.

If you are a bookstore that also sells used books, then use the Amazon interface to post ads about your used books so that it can reach a wider range of customers. These can also earn you some revenues in return.

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