How can I save my phone from being overheated?

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Get alarmed if your phone gets overheated while using. This will not only drain your battery fast but also can damage your phone. End number of reasons for overheating are there. Unwanted apps running in the background, constant streaming of videos, excessive gaming, etc. to name a few.  Let’s find out how can we deal with this trouble.

Remove Case

Plastic cases insulate your phone; therefore, its heat doesn’t come out. Such case checks the flow of the air. Remove the case and find out whether it’s getting heated while the case is off.

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Turn Off Wi-Fi and GPS

Due to the usage of Wi-Fi and GPS up to a length, your phone faces the issue of overheating. Turn them off for a while and check whether it still gets overheated or not.

Close Background Apps

Apps that run in the background often consume your data as well as overheat your phone. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the apps you never used from your phone.    

Put It On Airplane Mode

To keep your phone away from all types of connectivity, get it on the Airplane Mode. Keep it in the same mode for some time and then see whether the same issues occur or not.

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Reduce Display Brightness

Keeping the display brightness full can cause it overheating. The ideal brightness is 60% or less.

Reduce Camera Resolution

Camera resolution can also overheat your phone. Therefore, reduce the resolution while shooting videos.

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