How can I boost the speed of my wi-fi?

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Wi-Fi has now become as essential as water and electricity. Most of the internet service providers install a basic modem or a router, which lies at a corner of your room. But The low speed of Wi-Fi troubles every one of us and you get irritated when even it hardly runs well to open a website. However, you can boost its speed by trying the below-mentioned point:

Keep the Router At the Center

This is one of the best ways to boost the speed of the coverage of your Wi-Fi. Most of us keep this device hidden at the corner, although, this lets you avoid the mess of a number of wires, but it also reduces the range of the device because Wi-Fi signals spread into the Omni-direction. 

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If you keep the router at the center, it will give you the equal coverage in all corners of the house. Remember; always keep the router at the eye-level to get the optimum signal.

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