Do housewives spend more hours working than men at offices?

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Making a correct comparison between a housewife and working men is a bit difficult as both works in a different line of business however different parameters can be picked to analyze the number of man hours which is put by each individual. Let’s look at the daily routine of an average housewife -

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  • Housewife starts her day with the first alarm of the day. They need to prepare food and breakfast for the kids who need to go to school. Thus, this can be considered as the start time for them. Let’s assume that they get up at 6 and take an hour till they leave kids to the school bus.
  • Next task which an average wife does is to prepare lunch for the husband who needs to go to office and breakfast for him. Let us consider around an hour for this task as well.
  • Spending time with the maids and supervising them in cleaning the house and other stuff nearly takes around 2 hours.Answer Image
  • In the afternoon preparing food for the kids when they return back home should take an hour more.
  • Helping kids in completing their homework and teaching them/ preparing them for tests and exams would take around 2 hours (average daily).
  • Preparation of dinner for the family would take around an hour more.

Thus, if we look at the broad categories of work which is done by an average housewife, it turns out that every housewife puts in around 8-9 hours. If we consider average working hours in organizations, it comes out to be the same number. Men spend the same amount of time in offices. 

The only difference which can be considered is that the men in offices get weekly offs, however, housewives don’t get this time off. Still, this can be compensated with the working men having long days and meetings which they need to attend in their off hours.

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To sum it up, both put in an approximately same amount of energy and dedication for the family to run smoothly.

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