Can you name some famous personalities who love to doodle?

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes, when you are in-between a meeting, with a pen in your hand? There are extreme chances that you will start doodling on a sheet of paper. Ruth Rostron, professional handwriting analyst states that “A human generally tends to doodle when bored or stressed.” It is believed that active doodlers are active thinkers too. You must have come across that famous poet like John Keats famous poet, who was also a physician doodled flowers in the margins of his medical notes.

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The doodles of everyone differ from people to people, it depends on person’s mood, desires, achievements, dreams etc.

Across the globe there have been many famous people who loved to Google, this also includes many presidents who doodled when they were supposed to pay attention to the ongoing meeting. So, it is very normal to doodle while you are bored of the important meeting.

Sylvia Plath:

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It was found that famous writer Sylvia Plath used to doodle pictures of Hot Dog and Marsh- mellow chasing her. Her doodles on the top margin of her diary depicted that she was not very fond of Marsh- mellow and Hot Dogs.

Stanislaw Ulam:

Many of you must not be knowing him, so let me first introduce him. He was a famous mathematician who helped in building the first atomic bomb. In 1963, while attending a conference, he started doodling numbers, when he was extremely bored. Later he realized the number formed a pattern. This pattern was called as “Ulam Spiral”. This Ulam Spiral is used by many mathematicians.

American Presidents and their doodle:

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Ronald Reagan drew pictures of cowboys and football players, most of these doddles depicted him. He also drew babies and horses.  One of his doodles also has a scribbled statement stating “There I was doodling away when I became to think about you.” He mentioned her love Nancy at many places in his doodles.

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John F Kennedy used to sketch little yachts on his executive diary. His doodles were mainly repeated words written till the page was left with no space.

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Richard Nixon had something with triangles as most of his doodles were scribbled out of many sets of the interlinked triangle with no proper depiction or any relatability.

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Even George Washington used to doodle.

Mark Twain:

He used to draw doodles at the start of each chapter, depicting the weather. It sounds funny but yes, his doodles included pictures of sun, umbrella, rain, cloud etc. He also drew maps.

So, next time if your teacher tells you what nonsense you are scribbling during the lecture, you can quote above famous people. Just on a lighter note. :)

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