Can somebody tell me the average cost of living in Bahrain?

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Bahrain is the island country in the Middle East and officially it is known as the kingdom of Bahrain. It is the constitutional monarchy of the Persian Gulf and this small island nation consist various small archipelago, situated in between Saudi Arabia’s northeast coast and Qatar peninsula.

For almost a decade now Bahrain becomes the hotspot place for the expat. In fact, expat population in Bahrain outnumbered the population of the locals. There is around 48 percent of the local population while rest 52 percent population belongs to the expat from various part of the world. 

The main reason behind the population of the expat in Bahrain is because of the good facilities, Bahrain also has high human development index and poses great per capita income of around 40,000 dollars. So, basically, it is good to live in a country like Bahrain as you get all the amenities properly. 

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The estimated cost of Average living in Bahrain:

If you are an expat in the country and looking forward to settling down in Bahrain temporarily or permanently then at first you need to look for the apartment for your stay. Cost of apartment or house in Bahrain varies greatly, if you look for the 1 BHK house then it will cost you around 100 to 150 Bahraini dinar (bhd) while 2 BHK costs around 200 to 250 bhd.  

For the travel, you can use public transport such as tram, subway, train, bus. Bus charges are around 200 fills while if you want to make a full day pass then it cost you 500 fill if you want a taxi then use a private one which is little cheaper as compared to public one. Cost of food in Bahrain is little cheaper basically for non-vegetarian people. 

Non-veg food items such as chicken or mutton weighing 1kg costs 1.5 to 2 bhd, 1kg rice are not expensive at all as it costs 150 fills while the premium rice costs 1Kg/bhd. If you are running low on budget then you can easily found economical restaurant range around 400 to 800 fill. 

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