Can Occult arts lead to even death?

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In India, still, there are places and people as well, who strongly believe in this occult arts, which is about knowledge of the paranormal things and related to some unusual activities as well, which ends with having the hope of meeting the God or to get the salvation.

Sounds so stupid, right?? But unfortunately, those people exist who believe in all this black magic.

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Since many of us think that uneducated or village people believe in these tantric acts and techniques for soul satisfaction, we are wrong. There are many examples of people who are highly qualified, most respected persons in the society, who believe in this arts and perform some practices and rituals for themselves.

And, without knowing the logic, facts, and reasons behind it, people blindly believe and do such activities which are not only harmful but are also dangerous for even a human life. People are so obsessed with some so-called babas and their false pieces of advice over something good, that they do all rubbish activities like marriage with a tree/ox, life sacrificing of any animal, wasting milk, worshipping dog etc.

And all this allowed me to say yes, it is true that blindly believing in the occult arts and performing such supernatural practices in an extreme way, can lead to somebody’s death.

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A very recent example of Burari case in Delhi, where a family of 11 members have performed some havan rituals and then hanged themselves and died in the most horrifying way. While there is no sign of murder till now, there are many proofs, which indicates the mass suicide of all the family members. One similar incident has happened some years before in Rajasthan, where mass suicide was done by many people of the same family and left everybody stunned.

These incidents prove the belief in the namesake of God, and false belief over salvation, people can do anything and there is no limit to the same, as they go beyond death.

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