Are reviews on fake or genuine?

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Just have a look at the credentials of this doctor…They speak volumes for his rich experience and prowess….isn’t it?

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Now, also check out these reviews…

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The spanking reviews put an end to your search for a good surgeon and ensure that you pay the visit only to him. The same also happened to me.

What Was the Concern?

The Stretched Earlobe occurs to the ears of females after a certain period of wearing earrings (may be big or heavy ones) continuously. Age may also be the factor in the case. The hole gets wider if not treated and might get split consequently. These pictures will give you a clear idea:

Stretched Earlobe

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Split Ear

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As we were keen to get it diagnosed and get it fixed, I started checking out some doctors on After going through a number of profiles, I stumbled upon this doctor and got profoundly impressed with his excellent experience and the reviews under his profile cemented my thought of visiting him. I took the appointment and reached on time.

One of the reviews states, “The staff is very friendly and supportive.” Well, certainly. They are so friendly that even the receptionist start diagnosing you and goes to an extent of getting the surgery done if the doctor you want to see is not available. A receptionist cum surgeon….what a combination!

The Incident

At the clinic, we received very friendly and fervent treatment from the staff. The receptionist requested us to wait until the doctor would arrive as she informed us that he was conducting an operation and we had no issue in waiting for some time. Meanwhile, the receptionist asked me to pay Rs. 1000, the consultation fee.

It was more than half an hour and the wait started taking the unpleasant turn. After inquiring a couple of times, the receptionist came to us and showed regret for getting late on behalf of the doctor. Then she started enquiring about my wife’s issue and asked us to get the check-up done from her until the doctor comes. We were, though zapped at what she said, but gave our consent, as we found no harm in getting the checkup done.

After understanding the whole scenario, the ‘receptionist-cum-physician’ recommended a small surgery as soon as possible because the stretched hole could split the earlobe, according to her.

Then the Real Game Came Into The Play.

She quoted Rs. 20,000 for the surgery, but I showed my inability to pay such a whopping sum (as it seemed to me) and asked her to get the surgery done in Rs. 15,000. After the initial deter, she took our proposal inside and returned with a smile on her face. The deal was set on Rs. 15,000. Wow! A 5K exemption straight away. Isn’t it cheerful? But that’s where alarming bells struck my mind.

Remember, the doctor whom we want to meet is yet far far away from the sight.

Then she asked us to come the next day as the operation the doctor was in, would take even more time than estimated. Before leaving, the receptionist approached us and asked for the payment mode for the surgery. “I will pay cash”, said I. Then she asked us to pay the whole amount in advance the same moment for the hassle-free treatment on our arrival tomorrow. However, when she got to know that I am not carrying the quoted total and have to arrange from somewhere, she let us go. We were leaving after spending 1 hour at the clinic but I could not get a glimpse of the doctor.

The next day, we reached the clinic with the hope that doctor will see us and get my wife’s trouble resolved but we got disappointed the moment we entered. Again, we came across that same smiling face of the receptionist. When enquired, we came to know that the doctor is again busy in an operation. When I reminded her that we had an appointment, a shocking reason was thrown at me.

She said, ‘Sir, your appointment has been canceled because you didn’t pay the fee in advance yesterday’.

The statement pulled the ground beneath us. Where does it happen yaar? What kind of norm is this? While all these questioned were bugging my head, the receptionist came and said, “Sir if you deposit the fee I can schedule your appointment for the evening or for tomorrow.”

This made me realize that something dingy is going on here and leaving the place without a delay would be a favor to our health. I pretended to get a phone call and got rid of the whole web woven to entangle us.

This shows how fake the reviews out there on With my shocking experience, this is now clear that the website lists paid reviews and keeps those doctors at the top who pay them. In my opinion, there should be a legal action taken against the platform as well as the fake doctors who are putting our lives into danger.

Hope This Helps My Respected Readers In Avoiding Laying Their Trust Into The Hands of Such Criminals.

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